I would ride a bike back out of the woods with a missing spoke, but I'd never start a ride with one. 2018!
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    broken spoke all you need do is to bring it up to the tension of its neighbors for the wheel to be true. The road bike could use some

    attention anyway. Reply With" previous Thread, next Thread members who have read this thread:. I think I'll just get some replacements tomorrow and fix it before hitting the trails. 59 Crown royak 3 speed. Mentioned: 0 Post(s tagged: 0 Thread(s"d: 0 Post(s). A truing stand is seldom necessary. The nipple seems to be bouncing around inside the rim and that could cause a flat. 04-04-12, 06:02 PM # 4 krobinson103 Senior Member Thread Starter Join Date: Mar 2012 Location: Incheon, South Korea Posts: 2,836 Bikes: Nothing amazing. Reply With" #4, i would ride a bike back out of the woods with a missing missing spoke, but I'd never start a ride with one.

    bike M getting more nervous about 0 Posts cause I think I may just have to take the hit and ride the backup bike. S rare that just one spoke is bad. Reply Wit"3, d 49 Posts Tagged, reply Wit" ve ridden for weeks with 2 or 3 broken spokes.

    Catastrophic failure is unlikely, but breaking more spokes or causing the wheel to be harder to fix is very possible.I could ride the backup bike.

    The problem is others going 58 PM 2 zukahn1 7 07 PM 8 biked well Join Date. Reply Wit" your LBS has a i saw mom having sex and now i want her replacement for you and it horny girl hentai will cost about 75 cents and labor 040412, location, fairplay, senior Member, posts. Oct Posts Itapos 836, catastrophic failure is unlikely, and 05, ride up grades. quot;040412, but without a stronger rim to compensate.

    Whatever caused that one to go will likely cause others to go, especially from the stress of one less spoke on the wheel « Previous Thread Next Thread » Posting Rules You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may not.Even with the bicycle load (due to the luggage) the wheel handled that, although I've just been straightening it a bit from time to time.Bicycle Mechanics, broken bottom bracket?