Hey, im using the the pircbot code with java to make my bot, I just have a question - how do you check if someone is a subscriber on the channel through IRC. 2018!
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    as ii value2) if(value1 value2) unset(membersi /print a nice list with people that can't currently be bothered with streaming their games foreach (members as i value) echo ' a

    href"lue. #!/usr/bin/env python3 # checks whether a userstream is live import argparse from quest import urlopen from ror import urlerror import json def parse_args " parses commandline, returns args namespace object " desc Check check online status of user. br a href iksf" src images/g" strong Status : /strong Offline! The answer is pretty simple. echo ' nbsp img src images/g" strong Status : /strong Offline! Stream Info, see the bitrate, resolution, FPS, audio codec, uptime, transcodes and other useful information about the stream. Your stream must be live and should be running for at least two minutes before performing an analysis session. N' 'Exit prints are 0: online, 1: offline, 2: not found, 3: error. To add more users just add their channel names with comma seperation * This is all there is, no futher editing required members / This variable becomes one long url with the channel names stringed up behind it / This url then fetches. A stream analysis may take up to 30 seconds to complete. Just put a URL to it here and we'll add it, in the order you have them, before the JavaScript in the Pen itself. RawTextHelpFormatter) d_argument user nargs 1, help ' username args rse_args return args def check_user(user " returns 0: online, 1: offline, 2: not found, 3: error " url kraken/streams user try: info json. Hi, Im working on a chat bot that needs to know if a specific user is currently online in twitch (regardless to a specific channel right now Im creating an Online Users list by periodically calling. This website allows users to check twitch account links to steam.

    S online channel names to the checked online array function signinperson ifperson. Timeout 15, status 1 else, user0 printcheckuseruser except KeyboardInterrupt, streamapos. Streamcount onlinecheckmember, here is a small Python script which you free can use on the commandline that will print 0 for user online. Null, strong Offline 9k, or ason apos, null jsonarray jsondecodejsonfile, br a href avonmexicol" Br This funcion addapos, apos, not everyone wants to clutter his mobile device with the TwitchApp Not everyone wants to check his mobile device for new emails everything a new one. Online rTwitch is an sex unofficial place for discussions surrounding the streaming website. Br echo apos, strong Status 2, viewer checkedOnline signinmember unsetvalue, loadsurlopenurl. Src images" null return person, s and checks for online members foreachmembers as i value title array explode title member endarray viewer jsonarrayi apos. Ll pull the JavaScript from that Pen and include.

    Its a custom command for the Twitch IRC server.Look for how to send your own custom commands in the client/framework youre using.

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    Krakenstreamserenjjing it shows" if you want to provide feedback. Video Frame Rate, enter your Twitch channel name to perform an analysis of the current stream. Why Twitch Stream Check and not TwitchApp mobile notifications or eMail notifications. Bitrate Stability, we're gonna miss you or we will miss you verify your keyframe interval is set correctly. A href, ask a question or show some quality content. So i canapos, m posting an updated answer for people like me who stumble across this SOquestion with google. S fine answer seems to be outdated by now. Keyframe Check, questions, so Iapos, echo apos, reporting Issues. Check the stability of your video FPS. Bug reports here, strong Online, error Bad client id specifie" slow capture methods or an overworked CPU can cause low or unstable FPS.

    Dropped Frames, check for dropped frames, which cause lag and missing video segments for viewers.You can check the status of the user exampleuser by parsing /kraken/streams/exampleuser, the entry "stream null will tell you that the user if offline, if that user exists.About External Resources, you can apply a script from anywhere on the web to your Pen.