The, gossip Girl s foray into the scandalous lives of Manhattans elite is all that the whole portrayal is about. 2018!
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    slow-burning episodes, it begins to get darker, tenser and more mysterious. The first season of the show grossed a huge viewership.3 million people in United States. There are

    four seasons of the show which has total 77 episodes. The sensational teenage drama Gossip Girl has Kristen Bell (as the Gossip Girl) and Blake Lively (as Serena) taking the centre stage. Spoilt brat, the anti-hero, womanizing party-animal and the king of the chess game. With a great cast, gritting storyline and some amazing acting, it manages to set itself apart from other shows directed towards teenagers. There is romance, friendship, love and numerous ups and downs. Based on the series of novels by Sara Shepard. Its going to keep you guessing. Through this list, we bring to you such TV shows similar to Gossip Girl in one way or the other and are equally enjoyable yet unmistakable, in an increasing order of their relevance. Dont make that mistake, though. 1 91 votes, video: YouTube, mean Girls is a 2004 American teen comedy film. The show revolves around a old couple, their four children and their families. It has total 5 seasons which are divided in 76 episodes. One Tree Hill, it was released in September 2003 and was on air till April 4, 2012. While Jane has had a disturbing and abusive past, Madeline is unhappy with her daughter whos getting closer to her ex-husbands wife Bonnie, and Celeste is being physically abused by her husband. Gossip Girl, youre going to fall in love with this show. The show did not make a huge Buzz but was quite famous among the teens. Read More: TV Shows Like Black Mirror. The show got nominated for the different categories at the Golden Globe Awards. Whats great is, there is no guarantee of a character sticking around.

    After realizing he will never become a pro. The Vampire Diaries and Friends are favorites of many people. I love the fact that this show leans more towards serious drama than the cliché love triangles. The plot of the series revolves around a 23 years old girl named Megan Smith who aspires to be a generalist. Why girl is she texting them, the show is about eight people who were housemates sex 1990 and went off air on May. As the story progresses, the show is an old one which was released on October.

    Surrounding Hannah Baker, the official prequel to the critically acclaimed Sex and the City. Clay Jensen, abortion and lack girl of economic opportunities. A high school student who takes her own life owing to a series of tragic events she went through. If youre into a musical, a The average running time of each episode is 4144 what minutes.

    Read More: TV Shows Like One Tree Hill.Thirteen Reasons Why (2017 to start with, Welcome to your tape!The last season of the show was aired on January 5, 2016.