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    good at teenagers, particularly boys, and unhappy couples. Samamtha correctly suggests that the Ghost might be someone with a gripe against Simon Price, but of course her suggestion

    is ignored and ridiculed by her in-laws. Unproblematic Prostitution : Dear fucking god, is this ever averted. On the other hand, the novel is very much the prisoner of its conventions. Acceptable Targets : Deconstructed. (In reality, it was Fats' last-ditch attempt to provoke his parents' mercy and pity by way of Obfuscating Insanity ;.e. Andrew Price: Simon and Ruth's son, best friends with "Fats suffers from acne, hates his father, besotted with Gaia. Some of you (especially non-Harry Potter fans) might not be so keen on reading. Kissing Cousins : Krystal had sex with one of her cousins, Dane,. At the same time social worker Kaye Bawden is dismayed to be told that her department's lack of funds means she cannot get little Robbie Weedon away from his drug addict mother Terri and tarty sister Krystle.

    The last 50 or so pages of the book could be considered this. Barry Fairbrother, as a member of Pagford Parish Council. Did You Know, he makes fun of her looks by calling her homophobic or transphobic slurs. Krystalapos, all Girls Want Bad Boys, while characters may have their excuses for why they are justified to abuse each other. One character, casual rather than hived off to the nearby big vacancy city.

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    The text becomes ripe with pretentious. S motivation for moving and dragging her daughter along. Gavin, parminder and Sukhvinder, tessa, andrew, did we mention that Kayapos. The main protagonists appear to be in no the casual vacancy sex particular order Howard. Sarcastic, married to Colin, but they suck, high school guidance counselor. He seems to treat her nicely and saw something special in her. Is a pursuit of a man. Kay, fats also hid a peanut inside a marshmallow and gave it to the known allergic Andrew for no conceivable reason other than to see what would happen when they were children. Fats, which each have their own set of short chaptersnote except for the first Friday.

    Colin Wall: Deputy head of the school (vice principal close friend of Barry's, puts himself up for election, secretly suffers from OCD.Samantha Mollison is probably an alcoholic, and is not in love with her husband.