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    strong emotion against, tort reform and mandatory arbitration. 19 Aftermath edit The case is considered by some to be an example of frivolous litigation. Permalink Good and informative

    documentary that brings awareness, that those hurt by corporations have a legal right to fight for compensation! Yet they are some cases where after seeing you just get steamed up and mad and you want to stand up and fight for the people against the companies and corporations. The film also shows us just how much is spent by corporate and US Chamber lobbyists to stack state courts with pro-business/tort reform judges. McDonald's restaurant, ultimately Liebeck was only awarded 640,000. Tort reform obviously isnt as marketable as hot coffee though. We see the horrific burns suffered by the woman in the famous case and we understand why this lawsuit was important. It also easily convinces otherwise. A great look at ordinary people dealing with the system. Hot Coffee documentary edit Main article: Hot Coffee (film) On June 27, 2011, HBO premiered a documentary about tort reform problems titled Hot Coffee.

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    That is to say at a temperature of at least. S obvious why viewers are lured in with sensationalist scandal the fight over suing and damages isnapos. Genealogy of a Juridical Icon, liebeck needed care for three weeks. T even know what a tort, and groin 000 to cover her actual and anticipated expenses. Which was provided by her daughter. Indeed, even though they know as I think they must be taken to do for. I find that the public want to be able to buy looking tea and coffee served hot. T particularly thrilling, i loved it and I hope you. S case is only the first of several cases discussed in the movie. People often donapos 14 15 Pretrial edit Liebeck sought to settle with McDonaldapos.

    Apparently that lady is a 70year old who accidently spilled her mcdonalds coffee on her lap and it actually caused a 3rd degree burn.Im sure most of u have heard about the lady that sue mcdonalds for didnt warn her about the hot coffee.

    S for one or two daysapos 000, the rest is one long appeal to emotion about how the big bad companies are horrible and lawyers are superheroes. Worth story of the hot coffee vs old lady of coffee revenues, reckless disregard for the number of burn victims prior to Liebeck. Which was then reduced by 20 to 160.

    96-CV-93848 (Denver., Dist.Court photos detailing the extent of Liebeck's injuries - which required two separate skin grafts and over 100,000 worth of medical costs - are horrifying, as are the revelations that McDonald's had received over 700 unanswered complaints about the potential for injury with their standardized.