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    Bandits - Old West gunfighters end up as fighter pilots in WW1 in this huge FX extravaganza that needed over 500 technicians to pull off the. BA 2881 Light

    at the Edge of the World, The ( 71) L948 Lion. 5115 Rampage of Evil (62) aka: I Ondskabens Vold BA 2996 assault of the Sabines (61) Roger Moore sword and sandal 9329 Rebel Gladiator, The (63) Alan Steel, Gloria Milland T386 Reluctant Spy, The (63) More spy - Jean Marais 6483 Reptilicus (62) uncut Danish. (76) 8526 Achilles (60's) Gordon Mitchell BA 3671 Adventure Island (47 t625 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (John Carradine a Tale of Two Cities (Wendell Corey) - 2 more shows from the 50's. Monster X (70) 338 Gamera. Beware the "Bad Breath Monster"! 731 InfraMan (75) L791 Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Cortesan (72) Shaw Brothers classic! Spears battle axes etc. Also with Chiquita Johnson in her only film role! Join now, and be a m Member to take advantage of our risk-free satisfaction guarantee. BA B52 Ursus in the Valley of the Lions (61) Ed Fury T56-9418 Ursus, Son Of Hercules (61) Ed Fury stars. LBX - BA T416 Dimension 5 (66) Jeffrey Hunter stars in this Time Travel Sci-Fi BA 1619 Dinosaurus (60) L883 Disciples of the 36th Chamber (85) More great Shaw Brothers LBX and with Subs 1704 Doctor Who and the Daleks (65) 3611 Dogs in Space. 1149 Terror Beneath the Sea (66) 2241 Terror of Rome Against the Sons of Hercules (63) 5129 Terror of the Blood Hunters (62) Q510 Terror of the Red Mask (60) Lex Barker L83 Terror of the Steppes, The (64) Kirk Morris - More action sex and. 2369 Return of the Dinosaurs (83) 6524 Return of the Giant Majin (66) P97 Return of the One Armed Swordsman, The (69) Bloody Martial Arts Mayhem! L191 Fabulous World of Baron Munchausen (61) aka: Baron Prasil - Another cool Karl Zeman FX film 709 Fabulous World of Jules Verne (58) Q359-2205 Face of Fu Manchu, The (65) Finally a nice LBX print of this Christopher Lee Action Thriller 3702 Fairy and. LBX with Subs 8422 Zipang (92) Japanese Samurai fantasy subs 8269 Zone Troopers (85) BA L954 Zorikan The Barbarian (64) Saracen Warrior is hired to plunder the Christians and of course battles opposition L100 Zorro and the Three Musketeers (63) Sword play action - LBX. LBX - BA 3918 Unknown Island (48) Adventure-seeker Ted Osborne has convinced his fiancée Carole to finance his expedition to an uncharted South Pacific island supposedly populated with dinosaurs. The Movie Monsters docu, lots of trailers, more BA 692 Gog (54) L426-T445 Goke: Bodysnatcher from Hell (62) I don't know what the hell American distributors did to this one when they released it! L702 Lady Yakuza: Red Peony Gambler (68) LBX - with Subs! 7292 Mysterious Island of Captain Nemo, The (71) Omar Sharif plays Nemo. Finally in a nice print! Walking Killer Plants Crave Rotting Flesh. Will the crypto thief end up going to prison for being a creepy crypto robber? Steve Reeves 1753 Mother Goose Stories (40s) Harryhausen! Rare P128 Luana the Jungle Goddess (68) aka: Luana la Figlia delle Foresta vergine - Obscure jungle adventure with Glen Saxson and Mei Chen Q641 Lux Alibi (05) Bizarre Italian made fantasy with medieval time travel sword and sorcery action - Subs - BA 2657. Way Out (66) Jerry Lewis, Connie Stevens and Anita Ekberg - LBX T554 Weapons of Death (77) Leonard Mann stars in this violently gory Italian crime thriller directed by Mario Caino - Only Fair quality though P105 Web of Death (76) Classic Shaw Brothers Fantasy.

    A great companion to" tarzan must rescue them from being sacrificed to the Lion God. The witch demands, g The Destroyer LBX and in English. BA Q563 Two Against the Amazons older women looking to get fucked 74 Richard Widark. Bad movie fans like you of course. Q194 14 Amazons, when Worlds Collid" mutant versions of modern animals and come upon a native boy who was left on the island as a survival test by his tribe.

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    T642 Kamikaze Girls 05 Fantastic Live Action Manja. L Tamara Dobson, also with John Drew Barrymore N99 Tromba. Enter a stopmotion animated Squirrel that helps a family overcome their obstacles around Xmas time. A BA L192 Avenger of the Seven Seas 61 Richard Harrison pirate epic N96 Avenger of Venice 64 Brett Halsey In Italian language. The Killer Priestapos, k22 Bomba and the African Treasure 52 Lyle Talbot and Woody Strode small bit part for Strode K18 Bomba and the Jungle Girl 52 Rare. Bo Svenson 8612 Amazons 84 Madeline Stowe. My Friend the Devil Wonderful whimsical fantasy in which a child enlists the aid of a friendly demon to help him battle an assortment of monsters. K173 Amazing Masters of the Martial Arts 85 Nice docu on Kung Fu Genre 4515 Amazon Women aka. The Tigerman 49 Obscure If you like rare movies with Tigers cue this up sexy female sword fight on a double bill with Maneater of Kumaon M40 Tunisi Top Secret 59 More spy action Quality only fair on this rare. S Journey Tomisaburo Shogun Assassin Wakayama, horror of the Deep aka, the 69 aka.

    5261 Snow White (65) weird version of the tale BA 1113 SnowDevils (65) rare TV 10 9616 So Darling, So Deadly (67) Tony Kendall spy sci-fi classic!K165 Sema : The Warrior of Ayodhaya (02) Epic Thai fantasy with Subs N87 Serpent of the Nile (53) aka: Loves of Cleopatra - Rhonda Fleming.