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    name: Drugs and health: drugs demand and blood-borne disease reduction interventions ". We reiterate our strong support for the Special Monitoring Mission (SMM its leadership and its dedicated and

    professional staff. We continue to receive reports about inflow of military equipment and personnel into Ukraine from Russia and the build-up of Russian troops next to the Ukrainian border. This second discussion on the strategic objective of employment pursuant to the 2008 Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization takes place six years after the eruption of the financial and economic crisis followed by free the relevant policy responses. Thank you Madam Chair. The European Council recalled that preparatory work on targeted measures has been undertaken so that further steps can be taken without delay. Some of these substances may have disappeared from the market in the meantime, but they could be quickly substituted. A roadmap signed with the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs supports cooperation in industrial and SME policies, business partnerships, industrial norms and standards as well as the development of a global network of policymakers and stakeholders in SME policy following the model. But we note Ambassador Burkhards concern that the Government has not consulted widely or inclusively enough on the new laws and reforms, and we encourage Serbia to adapt its approach accordingly as it tackles future reforms. President, In closing, I also want to underline our strong support for the UN campaign "Children, not Soldiers" which sees its first anniversary this month and which the EU and its memberStates have strongly supported from its inception. Nous exprimons notre plus vif souhait que cet incident ne donne pas lieu à une escalade, ni ne porte atteinte à la poursuite des négociations. Let me also welcome you, Ambassador Vesela Mrden Korac, Permanent Representative of Croatia to the opcw, as the new Chair of the Conference and assure you of the European Unions full cooperation and support throughout your tenure. Closer coordination between the oios and the TC Department, along with a more intensive exchange of information with Member States on the results of all internal evaluations, will contribute to further increasing the reliability and the visibility of the TC Programme. We are convinced that security dialogues of this kind are needed in order to improve the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 in the osce area. The EU, with help from unicef, is currently implementing an educational program in the Central African Republic with a component for temporary care and training of 1,000 children who were connected to armed groups. Chairman, we strongly encourage the Missions intention to help sustain the momentum gained after adoption of the Declaration on Commitment to EU Integration by supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina in related reform processes. Last year, the EU co-organized a workshop with the African Union, World Bank and the UN on caac in Addis Ababa. We share these concerns and support their calls, as also made by the EU Delegation in Yerevan earlier this week, for all allegations of excessive force to be impartially and promptly investigated and appropriate action taken. . We encourage all iaea Member States to actively participate in the committee through the nomination of high level experts.

    We look forward to the constructive and fruitful work which lies ahead of us in the Open Skies Consultative Commission. Border and ceasefire monitoring remain closely interlinked and mutually dependent. Peace and Security in the FSC. Israel has the right to protect its population from this kind of attacks. Hdim is a unique peer site review mechanism enabling participating States to hold each other to account and for participating States to be held to account by independent civil society.

    Taking into account crosscutting nature of this area of critical importance. S Activities, and we are pleased that Member States were able to reach this result in time for the June Board meeting as agreed. All sides should refrain from actions that would hinder the full implementation of the Minsk Package. This is a look at pregnant women and not want that source of concern for the. The EU supports Prime Minister Tammam Salam in his efforts to govern the country in such difficult times. We also reiterate our firm support for osce field operations and are concerned by the current tendency towards downgrading field presences. Alignment paragraph The EU and its Member States are staunch advocates of support for international humanitarian law and humanitarian principles and are committed to promoting compliance with international humanitarian law by all States and nonstate actors. Fulfilment of the aspirations of both parties for Jerusalem. The Guidelines are an important followup result of the work done last year by the Working Group on Financing the Agencyapos. The European Union and its Member States warmly welcome Ambassador Sorokin to the Permanent Council and we thank him for his report.

    We believe that the SMM is doing outstanding work, often under very complex and difficult circumstances.In this regard, the Council Decision of 18 November 2013 provides support, through the technical expertise of the WHO, projects aimed at promoting bio-risk awareness, laboratory bio-risk management, and development of national laboratory strategies to counter biological risks and to enhance the core facilities.A high number of the parties have been listed for at least 5 years and are therefore considered persistent perpetrators.