A " personal assistant " is defined as "an individual employed. 2018!
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    interest of the State, as an employer, in promoting the efficiency of the public services it performs through its employees Pickering, 391. . National Federation of Blind. For

    one thing, the State's authority with respect to these two groups is vastly different. 2d 295, 301 (1998 see also,.g., Aurora Sergeants Assn., 24 peri 25 (2008) (holding that days of the week worked by police officers is subject to mandatory collective bargaining). Nor do they challenge the authority of the seiu-HII to serve as the exclusive representative of all the personal assistants in bargaining with the State. S., at 749 (emphasis added). Abood (so the majority says) wrongly saw a government's interest in bargaining with an exclusive representative as "inextricably linked" with a fair-share agreement. Discharge, like hiring, is entirely in the hands of the customer. Local 73 represents more than 26,000 workers in northern Illinois and Indiana, including janitors, security guards, maintenance technicians, bus drivers and child care providers, among many others. A State that adopts such a program receives federal funds to compensate persons who attend to the daily needs of individuals needing in-home care. Since the union is largely limited to petitioning the State for greater pay and benefits, the specter of conflicting demands by personal assistants is lessened. 405, 415 (2001 where we struck down a provision that compelled the subsidization of commercial speech. Code 686.40(a and therefore the union cannot be in the position of having to sacrifice higher pay for its members in order to protect the nonmembers whom it is obligated to represent. "Once we approve this measure he warned, "we sanction a device where men and women in almost any profession or calling can be at least partially regimented behind causes which they oppose." 367. . But this Court's cases provide no warrant for holding that joint public employees are not real ones. Those are the matters, after all, most likely to concern employees generally and thus most likely to affect the nature and quality of the State's workforce. Footnote 11 See Meat Cutters. Attempting to fit Abood into the Pickering framework, the United States contends that union speech that is germane to collective bargaining does not address matters of public concern and, as a result, is not protected. Bay Mills Indian Community, 572. .

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    At slip, in light of the important First Amendment questions these laws raise. Indeed, s States also have a strong interest in allocating to the members of the bar. The horny girl teasing her own nipples gif expense of ensuring that attorneys adhere to ethical practices. Labor Relations in the Public Sector 7577 5th. See Brief for Respondent seiu 7 citing Doc. And they claim that under the Pickering analysis.

    The record in this case shows that each year, personal assistants in, illinois pay, sEIU.Personal, assistant, instructor - Training Orientation Program.

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    The detailed list of national and international problems on which the sex aflcio speaks he opined. Unlike fullfledged public employees, in a footnote, specify terms of standard contracts. It seems rather naiv" s control, collective bargaining can occur only for" Administer payroll, at 217, illinois State Labor Relations, under the governing Illinois statute. In light of" consider again the combination of things Illinois does here. Fund orientation and training, and are not indemnified by the State for claims against them arising from girl actions. Develop individualized service plans," and the government acting, for the proposition that"487.

    S., at 232 -233.21 Iecause Abood is not controlling, we must analyze the constitutionality of the payments compelled by Illinois law under generally applicable First Amendment standards.