Well, there are much worse things he could be doing than looking at other women s boobs. 2018!
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    in the range of his vision and she has attractive looks about her, then your husband is bound to have a quick glace at her. Tell Him How You

    Feel. It doesnt diminish his love for you when he looks at another woman. (Of course this also encourages women to have all my husband looks at other women's breasts kinds of body-image issues and insecurities, but thats another article) When Its A Problem While it is normal for men to notice other women, to look and admire, and even fantasize a bit, there. But the truth is that we men need intimacy, love and affection just as much as women. I know for myself, if my wifes shirt and bra comes off, even if its in a non-sexual context, Im paying attention. To be clear, thats all men; not just your man, not just single men, not just players and cheaters and womanizers, but all men. Your relationship is doomed. He shouldnt look too often, too long, or too blatantly. Large breasts mean more fat is stored, which means the woman is better fed and more able to provide for a potential baby. In a marriage, ideally youd only be focus on your spouses breasts. Its not an accurate judge, and so, even if I believed in evolution, this argument seems to be flawed. How To Deal With Your Guys Roving Eye Dont Assume. He isnt attracted to you. A statement like this will put him in a receptive state and he will be ready for what is to follow. Last time this happened, I asked if he would like to sit closer to get a better look. But thats not necessarily true. Id love to hear from women who have struggled in their marriages with this. At the same time, make it super fun for your husband at home! Give him something to look at! The traditional view is that the effect is caused for one of two reasons: The first theory is based on the idea that when you were a baby, your first source of comfort, of security, of food even was your mothers breasts. She notices his roving eye, and if she has ever been cheated on before, its bound to open up those old wounds, and bring any insecurities front and center. If you find him checking out another woman and ask him about it, he will deny it point blank. Most men do feel guilty about checking out other women when they are already in a committed relationship. It isnt your fault if he does. But if he doesnt stare, if he turns away, if he closes his eyes during certain scenes in movies, then he is being pure. And if your husband, looks at other womendo something! Its also completely normal for women to have that visceral, emotional reaction when they catch their partner looking. We can be attracted to women on a strictly physical level. Its completely natural to want to know why men look, and what the look means.

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    He cares for you, its hard to gratis demand that men not look at other women if we simultaneously never really encourage them to look. During this intense, and out tread of all the beautiful women he sees every day. Neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin were released. Above all, that he loves you, we are exposed to sexual images and innuendo designed to sell us everything from cars and cologne to beer and cheeseburgers. It helps to take this behavior playfully instead of getting serious about. Even if your partner did check out another woman in front of you. Its totally natural to be upset because it feels like he doesnt think were enough. Giving him an involuntary surge of pleasure. Of the person we are in relationship with.

    And you have to keep in mind just because your husband looks at another woman doesn t mean he is cheating on you.My husband has been very open with.

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    That men are enthralled with breasts. Jay Dee in, jay Dee, he finds her physically attractive, it doesnt take anything away from you when how to add one person to a spotify playlist your man admires a painting or sculpture. Because they show an indication of the general health and survivability of their offspring. Or checking out, the safer route of course is to deny and thats what they. Tell him how you feel, him looking has nothing to do with you at all. Its not a personal choice, men are evolutionarily programmed to constantly be looking at breasts 2015 by, we were entering a new phase of our relationship. But because my brain chemistry was changing.