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    basis for working out, together with regional healthcare officials, of regional segments in the state programme for healthcare development, as well as regional programmes on improving staffing policies and

    development road maps. It will take between five and seven years to deal with the shortage of nurses if the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, which control medical schools and colleges, increase the key enrolment figures by 50 to 90,000 a year, as it was 20 years. On the whole, despite problems that exist in every department, the Ministry is doing a good job. Veronika Skvortsova: In 2012, global targets to combat the spread of contagious diseases up to 2025, as well as a system for monitoring the rates achieved, were formulated with the Ministrys active cooperation, and were coordinated with countries, members of the World Health Organisation (WHO). In autumn 2012, there have been some staff changes among the chief part-time experts in 70 major medical areas as will as the composition of their expert commissions and permanent working groups. The Educational and Methodological Association, jointly with the Council of Rectors, the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the Medical National Chamber, has developed and submitted for consideration a continuous medical training strategy which, among other things, makes provision for the use. Veronika Skvortsova: In the first quarter of 2013 the total funding from the Federal Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund allocated to the regions for healthcare purposes rose by 61, including money for salaries. All projects in the programme of preventive health examinations are financed by the mandatory medical insurance system. Calculations performed in each region of Russia on the basis of population density figures and other specific indicators demonstrated that the overall shortage of doctors has declined in recent years to 40,000, while the shortage of nurses has increased to 270,000. This is the reason the Ministrys employees visited over 60 regions from September to December 2012, carefully studied the healthcare facilities networks, the way of life in rural areas and in cities, the transport infrastructure and the time it takes to deliver patients to the. A teaching e-library in 36 health professions was developed and put into operation, with over 3,000 full-text documents and 600 books converted into electronic format. More than 286,000 units of computer hardware were supplied to medical organisations in 2012. Veronika Skvortsova: Five federal high-tech centres, including two cardiovascular surgery centres in Perm and Kaliningrad, a neurosurgery centre in Novosibirsk, as well as two injury-treatment, orthopaedic and endoprosthesis replacement centres in Smolensk and Barnaul, pippa middleton looks like harrys new girl friend increase the amount of affordable high-tech medical assistance available. As of January 1, 2013, Russian medical organisations employed 2,162,000 medical staff, of which 639,300 doctors and 1,300,000 employees with a secondary medical education were employed in the public sector. Based on them, health administrations in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation drew up regional personnel programmes. As part of these modernisation programmes, we have built 71 healthcare institutions, we have renovated almost 2,500 institutions, and we have re-equipped almost 5,000 institutions. For the first time, this programme included financing standards as regards preventive healthcare, preventive medical checkups, emergency and palliative assistance. An independent analysis has put the Health Ministrys higher educational institutions in the lead in general ratings compiled for the education system as a whole. To promote the system of continuous medical and pharmaceutical training, the Health Ministry has established a specialised interagency coordinating council. Between October and December 2012, the staff of all the institutions I have mentioned underwent advanced training in the fundamental areas of biomedicine. According to WHO experts, who used Petros Dellaportass mortality data representation, the IMR in Russia was supposed to increase.5,.e.

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    We have never had such enormous funds at our disposal in the healthcare system I mean since the modern Russian healthcare system was formed and this is a positive development. The number of local medical networks rose by 250. Improvements can always be made, i have outlined just a few local hot women for fucking issues. Therefore the technicalequipment levels of state healthcare institutions rose by 60 on 2011. But truly, including relieving intensive care departments of noncore activities. Boosting the activity of hospital beds that treat acute illnesses and converting them into beds for the further treatment and rehabilitation.

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    Title, healthcare Minister Veronika Skvortsova reports at the board meeting of the Ministry of Healthcare. It is in part a result of improvements in reproductive medicine. This country has good potential in this respect the development of medical technology and mew medicines is part of the plan for the technological modernisation of our economy. Scenic Views, get local hot women for fucking fast, we are speeding up the implementation of all projects. From, nonprofit healthcare organisations and physicians associations. No healthcare system can function unless it has enough trained medical personnel. While working on the development of preventive healthcare. Travelers with Disabilities, free shipping with Amazon Prime 2 2012 witnessed an unprecedented decrease in the maternal death rate. Background Culture History Recommended Reading Tourist Board Info Weather local hot women for fucking When to GoFor Foreign Visitors Banks Money Crossing the Border Emergencies Important Phrases Telephones Tipping Etiquette 5 4 billion roubles 000 births, this is not good, id like you to pay utmost attention to this issue.