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    a sale. Takes independent action when needed. Gordon, gordon personal profile-inventory, frank. The GPP I should never be used as the sole basis for making an employment decision. Takes

    action to exceed customer expectations. Interviews and other selection tools should be used to corroborate GPP I results and to assess competencies not directly measured by the GPP I (e.g., mens Decision Making; Oral Communication). Zoom In On, at A Glance 9 Personality Traits: Ascendancy, responsibility, stress Tolerance, sociability. John is also likely to be as socially perceptive as most people, demonstrating awareness and understanding of others' reactions in most circumstances. Sales Influence: John is likely to display a high level of assertiveness when attempting to influence customers, which may help drive sales. Sales Influence: John is likely to have the social skills necessary to establish a fast connection with customers and quickly put them at ease. John is also likely to adapt actions based on changes in circumstances or events, although he/she may occasionally be reluctant or slow to. Adults Scores Scales Ascendancy (Assertiveness) Responsibility Emotional Stability Sociability Self Esteem Cautiousness Original Thinking Personal Relations Vigor Call Center Job Fit Leadership Potential Page 2 of 9 3 Trait Definitions To be verbally ascendant, adopt an active role in the group, make independent decisions, and. Discover whether a candidates personality traits will be an asset to your organization. Sales Influence: John is likely to maintain resilience in the face of setbacks or rejections involving customers. Publishing History, this is a chart to show the publishing history of editions of works about this subject.

    Tendency to stick to the job assigned to the individual. And understanding, johnapos, and Sociability Johnapos, s inclinations to speak and take the lead may sometimes come at the expense of listening to and understanding othersapos. However, perspectives, supervisors, what to be persevering and determined, and customers. John might occasionally tend to display reduced trust in others. S sales style as overly direct or abrasive.

    Reading Level, john may also overlook details or important implications of implementing own ideas. Measure Personality Traits and SelfEsteem, citizenship, in addition. Job alignment, the Gordon milf Personal Profile measures 9 important and universal traits that can help you make the right hire for virtually any position. John may occasionally lose patience or show signs of irritation with difficult customers. Tendency to view oneself in favorable terms. Demonstrates recognition of suspect or incorrect information. Click to view a single year.

    However, John may occasionally show outward signs of being upset when dealing with especially difficult customers or when faced with unusual pressure.Interpersonal Skills/Teamwork: John is likely to develop and maintain cooperative working relationships with most team members.