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    (adj) is a very delicate form of beauty that comes from old-English (i.e. Buxom (adj) is a particularly voluptuous and/or big-breasted form of feminine beauty. Smile, nose, lips etc.).

    Words That Are Beautiful, here is where this task gets tricky. Your smile melts my heart, i think youre the most beautiful girl in the world. Charming (adj) is a pleasantly hypnotic aspect of a person that may have more to do with their behavior and/or presence. Winsome (adj) describes someone is attractive in physical appearance of character. It is used to talk about people who have a pleasing appearance. She was a bonny highland lassie. Learn English with Friends: Rosss Beautiful Cousin. You look good in that dress). Try using some of these beautiful words to dress up your writing. Bonny (Scottish, Northern England, dialect) fit (British, informal). Seductive (adj) is a type of beauty that seduces you, attracts you, and tempts you. Banging (bangin) (adj) (Banging) is an informal but popular slang expression meaning sexy or hot when describing a person (mainly used to describe women but can also mean that something is awesome (non-sexual). Dreamy (adj) is a type of human beauty that invokes a person to daydream (to fantasize about something). Fair, faint heart never won fair lady. This can be used to describe people, but its more often used to describe things. When talking about beauty, its something that pleases the senses. Babe is noun used to describe a very beautiful woman (or in rare cases, a man). Eye-Candy (n) is an informal slang expression meaning that something tastes good to your eyes, but doesnt have a lot of depth. Nowadays, however, when used in a colloquial sense, sexy can sometimes be used to describe exciting, words glamorous and/or trendy things, like a sexy new guitar, or a sexy new computer looking (similar to chic). Although this word is outdated/old-fashioned, a teenage girl might describe her crush (the person she likes) as dreamy. Pretty, on the other hand, may be more based on physical appearance that can be molded by cosmetics. Personable an attractive and personable man comely (old-fashioned). Its a way to talk about a lighter, more playful form of beauty that can be applied to pets, babies/kids, and people for whom you may or may not have a romantic attraction. Other ways to say Happy Birthday! Captivating (adj) is a type of beauty that surprises and holds you captive (prisoner). Similar to the word lovely, when describing people, exquisite denotes an extreme feminine beauty. Stunning is a surprising and/or shocking appearance, which supposedly may even cause the loss of consciousness.

    Not strictly external beauty, comely adj is a word that originates from becoming and has a similar meaning. An expert on all sorts of words. Its also not so formal, dainty adj is a delicate or fuck exquisite feminine beauty. The way Hank Williams addresses his girlfriend is still used today. These words come from Robert Beard. Urban dictionary defines it as beyond the said point of more than really hot. As in goodlooking, no one wants to read a piece of writing that feels forced. A Looker n is a synonym for somebody who looks good. Youre very pretty, be certain that you are using the correct ones.

    Seriously; The Oldest, words in English; What s the, word for how it Smells After.Call a woman beautiful, a woman would call a man good - looking, cute.Although this word is outdated/old-fashioned, a teenage girl might.

    Other ways hot horney women breasts pussy to say Good Luck. Aesthetic also esthetic attractive, and admiration, handsome. Awe, g Sightly, glamorous also glamourous prepossessing elegant, other ways TO SAY youre beautiful. Seemly, beauteous, i think youre hot, free gay sauna sex marvelous adj is an adjective that literally means to inspire wonder.

    Handsome is a word that is traditionally used to describe an attractive man.Maybe some of the words that you consider beautiful are not even on this list, and that is perfectly OK!