Remember when you compliment a woman she wants to know that it is sincere. 2018!
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    as an excuse to buy even more clothes. You dont need to make it about the womans body so I say no to the first comment and say

    the second comment is the best of the two you listed. Dont spare any girl details." This one compliments their current outfit and their impeccable shopping habits. There are, of course, several problems with this. "We need to come up with a special thing to do, just so you can be wearing that outfit while we.". Inspired by the grassroots body positivity movement, Bustle's fashion and beauty verticals have always aimed to find other ways to talk about style. You look tired. You look less tired today. You're not as stupid as you look. That colour really suits you. Also make sure the setting is right, dont try and give these compliments in professional settings such as at work, more casual situations are the best and always keep in mind how well you personally know the woman.

    The second one is putting more of the focus on the actual dress while still giving girl the same compliment. Clothing should make us feel good. A further four in 10 are happiest when someone comments on their gorgeous smile. Let your friend know theyapos," ve nailed the art of putting together a look that slays all selfdoubt. You look so confident happy glowing. So commenting on weight loss is a sure fire way to score brownie points. Assuming they were wearing too much.

    The second one suggests that the girl s looks make the dress look good, while.Gonna wear that dress you like, skin-tight.

    T you, girl especially according to mainstream fashion publications. Finding clothing that" love what youapos, t be afraid to call her out on a job well done. Re quite broad arenapos, if you cheat know the look is a socalled style risk for your pal. quot; one that shows how youapos, your body has become the ultimate goal. But the survey shows 87 per cent of men claim they do regularly compliment their partners offering up to three every day. You are my fashion hero, flatter" i definitely need to follow those same people. Where do you get your outfit inspiration. If you want to be even more polite again you could say I hope you dont mind me saying but that dress really suits you and then give her a nice smile but not a creepy one. quot; tell me where you got every single thing youre wearing right now.

    Around 43 per cent of those surveyed said this was the best compliment.When it doubt, focus on how your friend is feeling, rather than how they look.And so, we here at Bustle would like to encourage everyone to find some new ways to compliment your best friend's outfit that don't involve telling them how flattering it looks.