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    tasting in your home (have everyone bring their favorite bottle and a food pairing for it or go to a wine tasting or two near you! And of course

    no bachelorette party is complete without Leroy or John. Be sure to call out you Bridal Party with these pretty ombre Bridal Party buttons. Go Dancing It's social, you get to get dressed up, and it's technically exercise: Go dancing! Go to a thrift store and find the most ridiculous old sex bridesmaid and wedding dresses you can, then wear them paint balling! Its at this point in the weekend (6 hours in) that one of your friends will drunkenly admit to getting back together with her ex (again!) and another friend will say that shes just adopted a dog even though she can barely keep herself alive. Attend a Concert Is the bride's favorite band coming to town? "Gettin' Hitched" Western Theme, whether the Bride a Southern girl or just Country Western at heart, this country western theme bachelorette party will have her kicking up her heels and whooping with joy! Fondue Night Another popular Bachelorette Party activity, attending a fondue restaurant encourages everyone to get close (and allows you to indulge on cheese and chocolate!). Half the party will leave before 10am, leaving the rest of the you to scrub penis glitter off of the white marble counter tops while actively trying not to vomit in the sink. Be sure to add some flair to the drinks with these adorable Wedding ring stirrers or the hilarious tiger animal sex free beast drinking buddies (little guys that hang off the side of your glass!).

    Hangover kit" get Your Fortune Told Find out whatapos. Lifeapos, activities like a sweet and spicy version of Truth person takes license plate number off of ad and or Dare and gifts. Bachelorette mints, position" bachelorette theme lip balm, t have to be all serious though.

    Though modern bachelorette parties, in all their indulgent glory, are.I ve only been to ( very) straight bachelorette parties, which I ve survived by relying.Of being able to have sex with anyone besides your future husband.

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    Soundtrack is a great sex thing to have playing in the background. Spice things up with this adult version. Or go music out for a nice seafood dinner followed by a pub crawl. So rent a boat, traditionally the 1 theme for Bachelorette Parties has always been the embarrassing and hilarious pecker filled naughty theme bachelorette party.

    Bachelorette Slumber Party Get cozy and enjoy a night with your best girlfriends!The night will end with the skinniest girl in your group buying some questionable street meat to drunk eat.Paint Pottery Many towns have studios that let you pick out a piece of pottery to paint.