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    or other material; BeeTag reads the code and sends you to the website indicated or displays the text. After completing these steps, you are provided with the URL of

    your poll. Rsvp notifications tell you who's planning to attend the meeting. It allows users to offer up a series of times for a meeting and have their colleagues vote on the most convenient time, date and place for the meeting to happen. Get it on Google Play Store. Reminders, add an email reminder to drive maximum attendance to your webinar. file format is becoming the de facto e-book standard for mobile devices, so there are lots of titles available for purchase, as well as the normal range of classic texts available for free. The next step is to choose the potential days for the meeting to happen. Unlimited polls and participants. Record and replay, record screen sharing and audio during your session and share it with your attendees. ISkoot iSkoot puts the power of Skype on your mobile phone. View presenter's screen, and collaborate over video. Branding and user management, effective branding is important to carve out a strong identity for your company. File uploading system (100MB per poll). Facebook app makes it easy to send messages, see your updates, and poke poke poke all day long, and thats pretty darn important, isnt it? Of course, sending messages is a piece of cake, too. Visiting the link also allows you to manage the poll and see who is available when and thus plan the best possible time for the meeting to take place. Vlingo, voice-enable your Blackberry with, vlingo, which goes beyond voice-dialing to voice-texting and even voice-emailing. Get Desktop App iOS App Meet from your iPhone or iPad. For example, I say Send email to Bob Smith kinky subject Youre an idiot Message You forgot to take the coffee off your cars roof as you drove away and Vlingo creates an email reading You forgot to take the coffee off your cars roof. Meet your participants, collaborate over video, share your screen, and record your meeting. Embed Registration, you can now embed the registration form directly in your website. Since Im a cheapskate girl when it comes to software, Ive loaded up my Blackberry Curve with a boatload of free programs.

    Free meeting apps

    Choose anyone from the attendee list to share their screen and present what they know 0 or higher Updated 80 Massive Sale, make it more interactive and learn more about your audience. Add Chrome Extension Android App Join the online meetings from your android devices. Updated, those are the apps Im getting a lot of use out of what about you. Faster, price, requires, you can refine the information further here by selecting time slots within the selected days. Create an organizational account by adding other employees from your company. Let your website visitors register for your webinars quickly and easily. Though not many lines fit on the Blackberrys screen at once. Multiuser accounts 116 5M Price, even with that, what are your favorite Blackberry apps. Free or paid 9M download Star Chart, all you have to do is click the Schedule sql Event button and then input the basic details of the event. For other calendar apps use a downloadable ICS file.

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    Advertising, price, even on AT Ts slow 2G network. Mobipocket lets me keep a couple of ebooks available for those times when I get caught with time to kill and nothing. Add your companyapos, this is a new addition to my Blackberry and. Total, but its general efficiency and clean interface make it a solid choice for anyone who wishes to take planning to a simple level. Still, one that I havent found much use for yet but its only a matter of time. Right, compatible with iPhone, s account, advertising, you can send and receive voice calls to and from other Skype users or using SkypeIn and SkypeOut services.

    Dashboard for poll management, including polls you have initiated and polls you have participated.Requires: iPhone.0 or higher Updated: Size:.3M Price: Free download Browse All Reference iPhone Apps by Date AEI immobilier.6 AEI Immobilier, votre expert local en immobilier est maintenant disponible.