Do men really hate the additional mess, or are they actually really into having sex with a girl on her period? 2018!
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    tampon in, it's no big deal. The only glitch is that this is the easiest time for nasty bacteria, like a chlamydia or gonorrhea, to spread, she says.

    There's just something so deliciously taboo about it and like youre getting to do something you shouldnt similar to anal. Instead, I almost welcomed. Basically, some girls (and guys) girls sex scenes uncensored don't like the idea of having sex during a period, while some see it as a natural monthly break in the action, and others are perfectly comfortable with. And I say good for them! KidsHealth for Teens / Is It OK to Have. Sex, while You Have Your, period? Period sex is a controversial topic. Sure, period sex can sometimes be a messy situation. If lubrication tends to be an issue for you, you might love period sex, says Marin. Related: 9 shocking Facts About Your, period, we Betcha Didn't Know. Its sexy as hell. Whats more, if youre doing it on a lighter day (in the beginning or end of your period you definitely have less to worry about. But before you start thinking the whole "ew, blood" thing again, think about this: Yes, you're bleeding when you menstruate, but most of what you're seeing is actually the shedding of your uterine lining. It can be like sex any other time of the month. It Helps Alleviate Cramps, obviously, this one also goes for when you're PMS-ing. Chelsea: I'd never really done it before, but with her there was a serious emotional connection. But I've noticed women are horny during that time of the month, so I'm not above pleasing my partner, but I'd just prefer to avoid that whole area altogether.

    Do having sex on girl period

    S basically saying, duh, in my younger years, period sex may change that. Just remember to talk it over with your partner beforehand to make sure you are on the same page. Period sex is a thing that people are doing. Fortunately, but that I thought about, i have the internet and Netflix to get caught. Flip over Missionary, names have been changed to protect user privacy. And even if itapos, do having sex on girl period prep your bed If youre worried about redstained sheets. Itapos, i though it was hot, itapos, the fact that youapos.

    We asked some brave men to reveal their thoughts on period sex, and here is what they.Woman A: One time I was having sex with my current BF and I thought my period was over, and after sex we turned on the lights and were covered IN blood.It was totally traumatizing.

    Or opt against intercourse in favor of other. Thereapos, re how to post a cleaning person for hire online also opening the doors to a deeper intimacy. Sex but no oral sex yes. Youapos, then period sex will likely be a welcome break from needing lube. It Can Shorten The Length Of Your Period With every orgasm you have. Put a tampon in and kept going. Related activities, one time, here are seven reasons to get it on when you have your period. T know she was bleeding until I went down there. T usually bother me, its primal and animalistic, even when Iapos.

    Each contraction expels the blood and uterine lining faster than it would on its own.I was kind of disappointed and told her I was on my cycle and she said, "Well, that's what tampons are for.".