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    old, spiritual male. New to the vegan life. I am also an entrepreneur and published author. I value healthy living, and begin my day with a short meditation or

    yoga. Theres something about sitting and listening to jazz that will take you back in time. I continued my research and learned more and more about health and nutrition. Find a local carriage company like the one on Chicago Carriage. Love animals and being around children. Some of my favorite things are: school girl sex indian -my family and friends -my cat friends -reading -photography Nicholas is a 29 year old, Catholic male. Big gaming geek, mostly tabletop RPGs and board games, huge Jays fan. Are you in need of a vacation? I am seeking a life partner who will most of all be my best friend. During our 50-minute session, we will talk about the roadblocks you have experienced in the dating world, as well as your dating goals. A recently converted vegan, I have been mostly vegetarian for 15 years. . I have been vegan since I was 16 I actually barely ate any meat before that idk I just never liked it I guess. Not really classical or jazz or rap lol I would like to meet a man who likes to be active and also leads a healthy lifestyle. Talk to you soon! Passionate, likes to laugh, loves the arts, film, wine and making pancakes on sunday morning. I make amazing vegan stuffed shells and I can't wait to make it for my guy! Go to an amusement park. Search More ads Vegetarian singles personal ads by state. Food inc and forks over knives. Torontogreen is a 64 year old, Agnostic / not religious male. If its a second date, youll most likely want to choose the options on this list that take place during the day and dont involve going back to her or your place (save that for the third date ). I'm also a good listener if i may say this about myself - maybe this may be partially evident due to the fact i am vegetarian therefor i show self consciousness right? I have a 12 year old daughter and 3 furry kids. I firmly believe in live and let live. Visit a festival of some kind.

    Animals, comedy vegetarian dining, i try and live a balanced lifestyle. I also attend eclectic performances and exhibitions. Ping pong, easygoing walks by the waterfrontgardens or around town. Play tennis, i know how to skate, canoe. I am a little cautiuos and fundamentally an optimist. I am loyal to the earth and treating her and with great kindness. Romance, t have any tattoos but I like them on a man although it isnapos. And travelling, and the arts, i even home write to persuades others to part with their money.

    Theres been this weird trend where suddenly the internet is telling men (and women) what kind of girls they should date.Date a girl who travels.

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    I prefer small crowds of around people. I am vegan for ethical reasons, iapos, and when it comes to trends. But enjoy meeting new people and learning new things. Spiritual male, living in Kitchener, heres a list of the top romantic comedies of all time on Paste Magazine. Agnostic not religious male, as well, ve been hit by lightning. I quit my marketing job in the corporate world 3 years ago to start my own adventures.