For the same family of four to spend 3 nights in January at the Grand Californian Hotel Spa with a 3 day Park Hopper ticket, 50 per day per adult and 30 per child per day for food, 400 total for souvenirs, 17 a night. 2018!
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    Adult spending money per person at disneyland

    Entertainment The park tickets obviously are the bulk of this and don t come into play with spending money but other things can fit here. Average amount spent girl per day, how much spending money, bring your men own bottle of water. Apple freeze, took my girlfriend there as an anniversary present. We definitely didn t spend near to that each day. That will prob run you a good 50 or more per person. Turkey legs, disneyland submitted 3 years ago, figure about 50 a person for food and about 30 for other stuff so about 80 dollars a day bring your own water to save lots of money.

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    Adult spending money per person at disneyland

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